Hiring a freelance bookkeeper eliminates the need for a computer, desk, office, etc. on your premises. With a contract bookkeeper, you can use less space, put out less money, and still have all your information available to you every time you need it. In addition, you can avoid the costs of paying for an employee, including payroll taxes and benefits, when all you really need is someone part-time.


    Are you spending too much time and money handling payroll? As a small business owner, you may be tired of doing data entry, remembering tax deadlines and completing yearly worker's compensation audits. Why waste precious time and energy learning how to do payroll, when you can rely on 'In The Black' to be your payroll experts.


    Colorado has many home rule cities, which collect their own sales tax. 'In The Black' can help! We are knowledgeable on how to make sure QuickBooks is set up correctly and the best ways to keep track of all the new rules and file at the state and local level.